MOUS Certification Validates Microsoft User Expertise

Published 12.15.1999


Area residents have a new, unique opportunity to increase their marketability with training and certification in the use of Microsoft Office software. Pennsylvania College of Technology has been named an authorized training and testing center for Microsoft Office User Specialist certification.

MOUS certification distinguishes individuals as being trained to use Microsoft Office applications efficiently and productively, according to Candace Baran, project manager for Penn College's Technology Transfer Center.

"The certification gives you the opportunity to prove your talent and ability. It sets you apart from your peers and makes you more competitive in the job market by demonstrating true competency to your employer or potential employers in the future," Baran said.

Penn College offers daytime and evening classes that follow a Microsoft authorized curriculum. Qualified instructors work with participants in four three-hour sessions to prepare for certification exams; a fifth three-hour session provides a test review and administration of the actual exam.

"These courses are more demanding than our standard courses and may not be appropriate for new users," Baran explained.

Levels of certification available include proficient specialist, expert specialist and master certification. The first level, proficient specialist, proves ability and general knowledge of Microsoft Word or Excel. The expert specialist indicates skills using advanced functions of an Office product (Word, Excel, Access or PowerPoint). Master certification is achieved by successful completion of four expert-level exams in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.

Classes are being scheduled regularly. For more information, contact the Authorized MOUS Testing Center at Penn College at (570) 327-4775 or send e-mail.