College Relations

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Our wide variety of scholarships and awards put students first.

By enabling students to pursue their passions, scholarships create opportunities that many of them would not otherwise have experienced. That means more talented technicians, bakers, dental hygienists, engineers, and business leaders locally and globally. And that’s good for all of us. Because when you give a young person the chance to fulfill their potential, there’s no limit to what they can accomplish.


College Relations

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Ways to Give to Scholarships

Contribute to one of more than 350 existing scholarship funds, or create a new named scholarship in honor of your company, family, friends, or coworkers and determine the criteria with which award recipients will be selected.

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Endowed Scholarship

$25,000 minimum; can be given over five years; permanent funding source.

Limited Duration Scholarship

$5,000 minimum; contribution is divided evenly over a specified number of years with a $1,000 award minimum.

Annual Scholarship

$1,000 minimum annually; award amounts are based on annual contributions.

Our People

"If I weren’t the beneficiary of several generous scholarships, money would have been an even greater concern for me. If I couldn’t count on your generosity to fund my education, I would have been obliged to take on additional work outside of the classroom in roles that paid better than those I worked in. I would have had far less time to volunteer for political campaigns or advocate causes in the student government and I never would have discovered my passion."

Ethan McKenzie '21

Software Development & Information Management, College Relations Fellow