Michelle Ramin

The sky's (not) the limit

2016 Exhibit Dates
Jul 14 To Aug 14

Michelle Ramin explores the possibilities and limitations surrounding humanity’s insatiable search for happiness and contentment. Her highly rendered figurative pieces discuss the mundane concerns of the everyday, searching for the sublime in common occurrences. Ramin’s work examines a particular socio-economic demographic: the “slacker" or “hipster" culture. In her pieces, the lifestyle of this group emphasizes lounging, partying, and other inexpensive, perhaps ironic pastimes that young people can afford. Considering many of these works to be self-portraits and portraits of her peers, Ramin sees herself and her fellow 30-somethings as a generation that is adrift, while steadfastly searching for something that prior generations cannot help them to find.

Ramin received her BA from Penn State University and her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. Her work has been exhibited nationally and has been featured in such publications as the San Francisco Chronicle, 580 Split, and New American Paintings. In 2014, she received the San Francisco Bay Guardian’s Goldie Award in Visual Art. Originally from Williamsport, PA, Ramin currently lives and works in San Francisco.

Quiet Riot, 2013, colored pencil on paper, 22" x 30"