Mikhail Gubin


2015 Exhibit Dates
Nov 06 To Dec 11

Mikhail Gubin creates two- and three-dimensional collage works that do not exist in nature but at the same time are organic. His works on paper emanate from geometric drawings that are cut up and carefully reassembled. Part Cubist, part Surrealist, these images are best described as similar to the action of our memory: from fragments we reconstruct the past. Similarly, his sculptural works are created using an additive method, which involves attaching small wooden pieces to a larger wooden form. He uses wood discarded from city construction sites and values the process of creation and the idea of giving birth to unwanted materials.

Mikhail Gubin was born in the USSR and studied at the Art and Technology College of Zagorsk in the Moscow region. He has resided in New York City since 1989. His body of work includes sculptures, collages, drawings, paintings, and photography. His resume includes 33 solo and over 200 group exhibitions both within the United States and worldwide. In 2014, Mikhail Gubin became a recipient of the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) Fellowship program in the category of Crafts/Sculpture.

Convoluted Thinking 2014, mixed media on paper mounted on board, 42" x 46"