Living-Learning CommunitiesLiving-learning communities center around an academic theme area, and are a growing tradition at Penn College. Each community is designed to give students in the same major opportunities to expand their knowledge outside the classroom. A dedicated group of faculty, staff, and student mentors team together to bring engaging, outside-the-classroom opportunities centered around their academic interests and career goals.

Communities Offered to First-year Students

  • Automotive - open to automotive related majors
  • Art and Design - Designed for students in art related majors, but open to any student with an interest in visual arts, the Art and Design LLC will be invested in the creation and appreciation of art.  From out of the classroom opportunities to create your own art to field trip opportunities to learn more about art, this LLC is a great option for anyone interested in exploring their creative side.
  • Health Sciences-  open to health related majors
  • Hospitality-  open to hospitality related majors
  • Information Technology - open to information technology related majors
  • PCT-WELL (PCT Wellness Empowered Living and Learning) - Open to any student with an interest in living in an environment that promotes the values of healthy living.  Community members will take a pledge to be substance free, have access to experts in all aspects of heath, and participate in activities that promote health education such as the Out of the Darkness Walk.  The group will also participate in a number of fun social activities throughout the year.
  • Sustainable Design - Do you have a passion for sustainable living and design? Live in a community with fellow students pursuing a vision for a green world designed for sustainable living.  Open to any student with an interest in sustainability, this group is closely aligned with the Architectural Technology and Sustainable Design department.  Students will explore the use of sustainable methodologies in everyday life and live with others who share a passion for the environment.

Housing & Expectations

Each learning community is in Rose Street Commons, Dauphin Hall.* If you choose to participate in a learning community, you can expect:

  • Special programs related to your major;
  • Strong links between your life in the residence halls and your coursework in the classroom;
  • An environment centered on your success as a student and member of the Penn College community.

Apply for a Learning Community

Log in to the Student Information System (SIS) and select On-Campus Housing Application/Contract from the Housing Information menu. If the application for Living-Learning Communities is available, you will see it listed as a contract option. New students who have been assigned to on-campus housing will be notified when the application becomes available.

Students must complete a Living-Learning Community Application on the SIS to be considered. Space is limited in each community; not all applicants will be accepted. Applications must be submitted by May 31, 2017.

* While every effort will be made to house you in the community with mutual roommate preferences who are not part of the community, should there be more applicants for a community than available spaces, you may assigned to a room or apartment outside of the community so that you can be assigned with your roommate preferences.

If you have any questions regarding the learning communities or how to apply, feel free to contact the Residence Life Office at 570-320-8023, 800-367-9222, or