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The Workforce and Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania (WEDnetPA) was created to make companies across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania more competitive by updating and improving the skills of their employees to meet specific company needs. The goal of the WEDnetPA program is to strengthen the business environment of Pennsylvania by improving the skill level and productivity of Pennsylvania workers. Funding is provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Developmentā€™s Pennsylvania First Program. Through the WEDnetPA program, qualified in-state businesses and out-of-state companies relocating to the economic-friendly business climate of Pennsylvania can access funding for a wide range of job skills training. 

WEDnetPA is an alliance of twenty-two educational providers across Pennsylvania that act as the delivery mechanism for the Commonwealth's WEDnetPA program. Each WEDnetPA partner serves as the point of contact for businesses accessing WEDnetPA funds. 

Job skills training:

The WEDnetPA process requires only:

  • ONE application
  • ONE training plan
  • ONE contract

Training funds available up to $2,000 per eligible employee.
(Not to exceed $100,000 per eligible fiscal year.)

WEDnetPA is employer-driven:

  • YOU CHOOSE the training
  • YOU CHOOSE the method
  • YOU CHOOSE the trainer

Workforce Development can answer your questions and guide you through the process.

Training can be provided:

  • BY any private-sector trainer
  • BY any WEDnetPA partner, including Pennsylvania College of Technology 
  • BY your own qualified staff
  • IN a classroom, virtually, or in a blended format

More than 9,000 providers have been used for training.

Eligibility requirements:

Employee qualifications

  • PA residents and employed in PA
  • Earn at least $12 per hour, excluding benefits
  • Must be permanent full-time employees and eligible for full-time benefits
  • Employed at the location for which the contract is awarded

Employer qualifications

  • Located in Pennsylvania
  • Employee turnover rate 25% or less
  • Participation in two consecutive years or three out of the past five years
  • Must be in an eligible industry and commercial/industrial in nature
  • Cannot be limited or explicitly defined as ineligible

The following businesses are not eligible

  • Bank branch locations (Corporate offices/Headquarters are eligible)
  • Brick-and-mortar retail businesses
  • Educational institutions
  • Employment agencies
  • Gaming establishments
  • Government agencies and facilities
  • Hospitality, leisure, and entertainment
  • Non-profit entities (except certain healthcare)
  • Training providers
  • Direct marijuana businesses

How do I apply?

New to WEDnetPA?

Contact Workforce Development to determine if your company is eligible to apply for WEDnetPA funding. Once eligibility is determined, we will step you through the application process and can help identify eligible training topics.

Returning to WEDnetPA?

WEDnetPA funds are managed through an online portal called ISAAC (Information Sharing, Administration & Analysis Center). To see if your company is eligible for WEDnetPA this year, log into ISAAC to submit your training inquiry. 


Contact Workforce Development for more information.


Workforce Development

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