The Penn College Pre-apprenticeship model provides an overview of the foundational technical knowledge and skills in an industry sector. The pre-apprenticeship is intended for individuals who are exploring a career path prior to entering employment or training.

Each Penn College Pre-apprenticeship

  • focuses on an industry sector with high demand for a skilled workforce,
  • aligns with an industry credential,
  • reinforces classroom learning with hands-on skill development,
  • groups pre-apprentices in a consortia creating a supportive learning experience, and
  • engages employers who offer potential employment and apprenticeship opportunities.

Each Penn College Pre-apprenticeship is registered with the PA Department of Labor and Industry and is aligned with a Penn College registered apprenticeship program.

Penn College Apprenticeships

Who can enroll in pre-apprenticeship programs?


High School Students


Job Seekers


Transitioning Military Personnel


Women interested in Technical Careers

2019 Pre-Apprenticeship Summit (November 19, 2019)

Recently Penn College hosted a Pre-Apprenticeship Summit for educators.

What participants said...

"I found 'Pre-apprenticeship 101' was appropriate to build base knowledge and inform educators of the pathway to achieving the incorporation of a pre-apprenticeship program."

"I think it’s a great program for high school students."

"I learned more about the pre-apprenticeship programs – who they benefit, who can participate and how to start one."

Pre-Apprenticeship Summit Resources



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