Emily Staman

  • Watsontown, PA
  • Nursing

There’s no place like home, for Emily. But, staying close to home doesn’t mean sacrificing the education and experience she wanted. At Penn College, she’s getting it all.

Emily Staman

Q&A with Emily

Why did you decide to transfer to Penn College?

I live about 30 miles away from here, so this is home to me. I was born in Williamsport. I just grew up hearing about Penn College and its different programs. I know a lot of people from my class go here. A lot of people I work with and go to church with, they go to school here.

It started out fun being away from home for a little bit, but then I realized I missed being around my family. I have 3 younger sisters and nothing is ever going to replace being there for them.

When you were making transfer, what were some things that were helpful to you?

It definitely helped to come tour the campus. It made it feel more real to me, that hey, I can actually go to college here and still be home with my family.

Everyone here was really helpful. I didn’t decide to come here until the week before classes started. Admissions and Financial Aid were really accommodating to help me transition quickly.

Any advice to new, incoming transfer students?

Definitely go to the Staying Connected events, especially if you come in with enough credits that you don’t have to take FYE. Admissions is really good with going over what happens with scheduling here and what services are available.

Tell me about your instructors, the labs or the campus – is there something for you that stands out that makes you feel good about being here?

All the instructors are open in letting you know like, ‘Hey, you can visit me during office hours if you need help with something.’ For bio and anatomy, you always see groups of kids at the tables outside of our professor’s office – looking at models of bones, pouring over them getting ready for the exams. I’ve had Dr. Ingram for BIO 115 & 125. He always has his office open if you have any questions.

Anything stand out for you as far as the other logistical aspects of the transfer process that were particularly helpful?

The Financial Aid office was great in making sure I got my FAFSA in to transfer over to Penn College so they could get my account credited quickly. They were actually really personable in explaining stuff to not just me, but to my parents as well, in what needed to happen in the transfer process.

What are you looking forward to doing with your career?

I’m looking forward to being able to make a difference in people’s lives – not just the patients, but their families who may be uncertain about what’s happening with their loved ones – and be able to guide them as painlessly as possible. I haven’t got to clinicals yet, but I feel that by placing you at multiple hospitals in this area, you feel how it works everywhere.