René Ramirez

  • Venezuela
  • Nursing
René Ramirez

Q&A with René

What brought you to Penn College?

I was seeking a different opportunity from my country. It’s actually quite a story. My sister came as an exchange student before me, and she came to Penn College and graduated as a nurse. And then I followed her.

What do you love about Penn College?

I think the big shock, the first time, was the amount of technology everywhere, from the chemistry lab to now the nursing labs where you have an actual patient manikin that will cough and will die and come back. It’s just really amazing and nothing I had seen before, really. It was a big shock. Plus a nice, big campus. All the activities and all the places and buildings we have.

What is your dream job?

My dream job would be something with traveling. A big part of nursing is going on missions. I came here for opportunity, and seeking something different, but I have a passion for learning from new cultures and getting involved with them–anything that involves culture-related topics is something I would like.

Do you feel that you’ve taught people about your culture or that you’ve learned about culture here at Penn College?

I think both. Especially the first year, you get those culture shocks, but people here are really open to you about your culture, and they’re really willing to teach about social clues. I’ve tried to learn to eat peanut butter – I’m getting to it. But not birch beer or root beer. I just don’t get into it. It’s just a different flavor.

Any favorite foods at home and at Penn College?

My favorite food is a Venezuelan breakfast called arepas, definitely. In the U.S., I love that you guys put gravy on mashed potatoes; it makes it so much better.

Last question…cats or dogs?

Definitely dogs.