Mohammed Alhussain

  • Saudi Arabi
  • Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technolog
Mohammed Alhussain

Q&A with Mohammed

How did you prepare to attend Penn College?

I had been in Washington State for two years and a half to improve my English language at that institute. Then I came here, and they evaluated my approximately 60 hours from my last college, Jubail Industrial College in Saudi Arabia.

What is your dream job?

My dream job is to own a factory for plastics in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, they like to eat something like oats, so my idea is to cover it by plastic so you can open it and close it safely and nicely. Because what they have now, they put it in a bag. You can’t close it, so you can’t use it next time safely and healthily. This is my idea.

You favorite class?

Extrusion with Doc Cantor.

What do you love about Penn College?

The professors here. They are so intelligent. When you go to class, you feel like you are in the best class, because your professor is intelligent. He has a lot of information and experience. You will be so happy, and you are going to gain a lot of information easily and nicely.