Financial Aid

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We refer to your financial aid package as 'anticipated aid'. Viewing your anticipated aid depends on whether or not you’ve confirmed your intent to enroll. See below for details.

Accepted Students

If you’ve been accepted for the fall semester and completed your 2024-25 FAFSA, head over to the applicant dashboard  once Penn College starts processing FAFSAs in 2024 to view your anticipated aid. Your numbers will include the most common types of governmental aid (Federal Pell Grant, PA State Grant, and Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan) and your Penn College Scholarships.

Confirmed Students

If you’ve confirmed your intent to enroll, your anticipated aid can be found via the Student Information System (SIS) after Penn College begins processing 2024-25 FAFSAs in calendar year 2024.

After the Financial Aid Award Summary page loads, select the box labeled:
Show Aid Estimates for 2022-23.


Estimates will appear for those students whose FAFSA is complete, signed, and received by the Financial Aid Office.


Cost Estimator

Once you find your anticipated aid, you'll also want to know about the overall cost. Head on over to the First-Year Cost Estimator to find the expected costs for your intended program of study, residency status, and room and board options using our helpful tool.

Award Notification

All of your aid may not be awarded at the same time. The process is ongoing. Timing depends on how promptly you complete your applications. Check SIS often to see your latest award info.

Once eligibility is determined, the Financial Aid team will send you an email regarding your eligibility for the Federal Pell Grant. Once all student and parent loans are credited to your student account, we will mail you a loan award letter.

Your eligibility notice for a state grant will come to you directly from your state's higher education agency. For Pennsylvania residents, PHEAA will email you starting in May to advise you on how you can learn if you are eligible for a PA State Grant.

View Award Timeline

Financial Aid & Your Tuition Bill

Penn College bills students one semester at a time. Tuition bills become available around July 1 for the Fall semester and mid-November for the Spring. In addition to the amounts you have been charged for the upcoming semester, you will also see on your bill any aid that has been applied to your account.

Penn College will only bill for direct costs to the institution. These include tuition, fees, on-campus housing, and meal plans. You may have other indirect costs that are not billed, including off-campus housing and food expenses, transportation, books, and supplies. All of your direct and indirect costs are factored into your total Cost of Attendance (COA). Your COA is the total amount you may be awarded in all types of financial aid.

If additional assistance is needed to help pay a balance on your bill or to cover your indirect costs in excess of your bill (up to your total COA), you may consider opting in to a Penn College payment plan, or applying for a Federal Direct Parent PLUS loan or a private alternative student loan.

Learn more about the Tuition Bill


Financial Aid

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