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CAPTE Accreditation

Mission & Vision

The Pennsylvania College of Technology Physical Therapist Assistant program provides student-centered instruction and diverse real-world experiences to prepare graduates to be competent, ethical, and socially responsible PTAs.

To produce innovative practitioners who advocate for the profession and are committed to lifelong learning and social responsibility.

Program Outcomes

YearGraduation RateEmployment RateFirst-time Pass RateUltimate Pass Rate
2018100%100%100%100% (16/16)
201989.5%100%75.0%81.25% (13/16)
202084.2%100%78.6%85.71% (12/14)
202195.0%100%66.7%80.95% (17/21)
202276.9%100%90.0%90.0% (9/10)
202369.0%100%72.7%90.9% (10/11)

Source: The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

YearsTwo-year Graduation RateTwo-year Employment RateTwo-year First Time Pass Rate (NPTE)Two-year Ultimate Pass Rate (NPTE)


Program Goals

Faculty Goals

Faculty of this major will:

  1. provide a classroom atmosphere that is supportive of student learning, free from discrimination, and respectful of all individuals.
  2. utilize a variety of instructional methods based on evidence and current standards of practice to provide a contemporary PTA curriculum.
  3. demonstrate professionalism through leadership, advocacy, and professional development.

School of Nursing & Health Sciences

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