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The following links are designated to help future Penn College students, current Penn College students, and the Penn College community.

Tutoring Services at Penn College

Algebra Lab - Find lessons, activities, practice, and study aids on various topics in elementary, intermediate, and advanced algebra

Algebra Virtual Lab - Find instruction in college algebra, intermediate algebra and beginning algebra

Annenberg Media - Find audio visual lessons on various subjects in mathematics

By Appointment Tutoring at Penn College

Calculus Lessons - Pre-calculus and calculus lessons, applets, activities, labs, and games

Contact a Professor at Penn College

Coping with Math Anxiety - Peruse this website for the pure enjoyment of mathematics

Discovery School Webmath - “Are you stuck on a math problem? We'd like to help you solve it.”

Explore Learning - interactive math/graphing gizmos - “Online simulations that power inquiry and understanding.”

Gateway Mathematics - Interactive sites that help students practice skills needed with number sense, estimation, measurement, computation, patterns, functions, algebraic thinking, statistics and probability, spatial sense and geometric concepts, and multiple review activities

Interact Math - Pearson Publishing has designed interactive tutorial excercises to accompany the end-of-section exercises in most Pearson textbooks. Click “enter” and then select your textbook and then the homework section and problems that you want to practice.

Interactivate - Interactive activities and games for students practicing number and operations, geometry, algebra, probability, statistics, modeling, discrete, and many more mathematical areas

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles - “This site is for teachers, parents and students who seek engaging mathematics. Many of the topics are accompanied by Java illustrations. There are more than 900 Java applets. The applets can be licensed by teachers for inclusion in their own pages.”

Khan Academy

Math Courses at Penn College

Mathematics Quick Reference Guide and Flowchart at Penn College

Lessons, Tutorials and Lecture Notes - Math Archives that provide lessons, tutorials, and lecture notes

Miscellaneous Applets - Programs: Java, Postscript, C with X

Printable Graph Paper

Purplemath - Practical Algebra Lessons - A very thorough alphabetical list of lessons on each algebra topic from preliminary topics to advanced topics and word problems

Statistics - Many sites are provided for gathering data, tutorials and lessons, videos, and labs

Tips for Using the Graphing Calculator - Find out tips on how to use your calculator for specific mathematical topics

Tutoring Services at Penn College

Unofficial TI-Site - This Texas Instrument site provides downloadable programs for your graphing calculator that may help you with specific mathematical topics

Videos on


FREE - Federal Resources for Educational Excellence: Teaching and Learning Resources from Federal Agencies

Graphic Organizers - Help keep yourself organized with graphic organizers or concept maps for your mathematics classes; graphic organizers are organized by topic

Understanding Mathematics - A study guide geared to help students approach mathematics in a more effective way

Online Graphing Calculators - Many sites are listed that provide access to online graphing and non-graphing calculators

Printable Graph Paper - If you forgot to buy graph paper or get graph paper from your teacher, you can now print out any size of graph paper with the click of a mouse

Texas Instrument Products - Buy calculators or calculator accessories online; download free software or purchase software for your calculator

American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) - The American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) mission is to promote and increase awareness of the role of two-year colleges in mathematics education.

American Mathematical Society (AMS) - Founded in 1888 to further your interest in mathematics research and scholarship

Chronicle of Higher Education - Find the latest news and information in higher education

Mathematical Association of America (MAA) - “A great source for expository articles and reviews, professional networking, a variety of workshops, minicourses and meetings, and information on the broad spectrum of mathematics and trends in teaching”

National Science Foundation (NSF) - National Science Foundation for Science and Engineering; “Publications, data, and analyses about the nation's science and engineering resources”

National Science Foundation (NSF) - Division of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) - “Supports a wide range of projects aimed at developing and exploring the properties and applications of mathematical structures. Most of these projects are those awarded to single investigators or small groups of investigators working with graduate students and postdoctoral researchers”

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) - “Build cooperation between mathematics and the worlds of science and technology through our publications, research, and community”


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