Continue to focus on the Middle States team recommendation regarding course-level assessments

  • Review course assessment templates previously completed to track follow-up action
  • Formalize mechanisms for retaining follow-up on post-assessment changes

Develop strategies for oversight and maintenance of core-related assessment activities

  • Contribute to the annual report of core assessment results by suggesting "Next Steps" based on data review
  • Create a matrix for retaining and updating "next steps" identified annually
  • Upon completion of a second-round assessment, begin the review of the related core goal as follow-through on the self-study recommendation

Benchmark the Penn College assessment process

  • Identify near-peers; review available online materials
  • Follow-up online review with direct interactions
  • Consider on-campus consulting/visitation

Develop related materials/processes for implementing the President's Strategic Initiative Fund

  • Draft informational/introductory piece and application form
  • Function as the review body for applications
  • Following first round of funding, consider developing a site to retain forms/reports and to highlight faculty/staff activities

Review assessment-focused professional development activity

  • Assist in identifying pertinent topics and potential presenters
  • Review the Assessment Institute, revising and updating as needed
  • Revisit the intent to award Assessment Certificates upon completion of set expectations