The QTA Committee had another productive year, answering to its annual goals in a proactive, comprehensive manner. The list below highlights the committee's major accomplishments in 2008/09.

  • Offered numerous professional development sessions for faculty and staff focused on developing and using survey instruments; sessions included a day-long seminar with Dr. Stephen Porter from Iowa State University.
  • Assessed the goals of core curriculum; that assessment, which included two open forums and one online discussion forum, resulted in a significant revision of the goals.
  • Utilized the QTA website to share best practices in assessment and a summary of the NSSE 2008 results.
  • Completed work on institutional surveys and presented recommendations to the College president.
  • Continued review and input on the Council of Deans' program review process; work continues toward a more pragmatic template. Each academic unit is also charged with providing an outcomes assessment matrix to establish a baseline of progress.
  • Completed a table of contents for the "Integrated Assessment Plan," which will drive the writing and gathering of the materials for the body of the document.