• Students who are enrolled at the College but do not attend classes are financially responsible for all tuition and fees if they do not formally drop their courses prior to the semester deadlines.
  • Regular and prompt attendance at all classes and at scheduled conferences with instructors is expected of all students. It is the instructor's responsibility to distribute all attendance requirements through syllabus information at the beginning of the semester. It is the student's responsibility to read and understand course-specific attendance requirements. It is the student's responsibility to make up all work missed to the satisfaction of the instructor.
  • All faculty are required to record attendance daily for all class and lab sessions. Attendance records are to be maintained for the same period of time as course grades in accordance with the College's grade retention policy.
  • If, within the first three weeks (or 20% period) of a course, a student registered for the course does not attend any classes, the instructor notifies the Registrar electronically of the student's "no show" status. The Registrar will remove the student from the course and will notify the student. The student is responsible for 30% of the cost of the course and receives no financial aid or outside funding for the cost incurred.
  • Faculty may withdraw a student from a non-developmental course in accordance with the attendance expectations noted in the course syllabus but not before the student misses one week's worth of class time. Withdrawals may be made between the 20% and 80% timeframe of the course.
  • Students who are withdrawn from a class because of absenteeism receive a "W" grade and assume financial responsibility for tuition and fees based on the College's Refund policy.
  • Students may appeal a faculty-initiated withdrawal by following the Academic Fairness Procedure.
  • When attendance is a contractual responsibility of a sponsored student, the student is responsible for providing attendance forms to the faculty on a weekly basis.
  • NOTE: Students in Nursing & Health Sciences majors will follow attendance procedures set forth by the School of Nursing & Health Sciences and programs. Additional information is available from program directors and the dean of Nursing & Health Sciences.

Reference: College Policy and Procedure 4.26