Fronius continues its support of Penn College’s welding program

Published 05.28.2024

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A leading provider of welding power sources and solar solutions is continuing its support of Pennsylvania College of Technology’s welding program.

Fronius USA is entrusting to the college 10 I-Wave 300 machines, units that facilitate multiple welding processes. The new machines are replacing units the company entrusted in 2019.

Fronius USA, a leading provider of welding power sources and solar solutions, is entrusting 10 I-Wave 300 machines to Pennsylvania College of Technology. The units facilitate multiple welding processes and replace machines the company entrusted to the college in 2019. From left: Shanin L. Dougherty, Penn College corporate relations officer; Michael Aja, welding engineer/segment specialist for Fronius; Michael R. Allen, Penn College welding instructor; Jasen Friedrich, director of sales and marketing, Perfect Welding Business Unit at Fronius USA; and Christopher Bajek, segment specialist for Fronius. Aja and Bajek both earned bachelor’s degrees in welding & fabrication engineering technology at Penn College.

“These power sources are set up to be AC/DC stick/TIG welding process machines,” said Michael R. Allen, instructor of welding and co-department head. “The entrustment program we have with Fronius has been a great bonus for the college and the students, who have the latest and greatest technology in their hands. We would not be able to show our students this technology without the support of Fronius.”

About 300 students, per year, will use the machines in the college’s 55,000-square-foot welding facility.

“We are very grateful for Fronius and their continued support of our welding students and programs,” stated Shanin L. Dougherty, corporate relations officer. “Through this latest entrustment of cutting-edge technology that will enhance our students’ hands-on education, we will continue to produce successful graduates who are real-world ready.”

Headquartered southeast of Chicago in Portage, Indiana, Fronius USA has locations in California, Michigan, Tennessee and Texas and is established in over 30 countries worldwide.

“Our Fronius culture actively seeks partnerships with elite organizations that create new ways to meet our industry challenges. We believe Penn College’s welding education solutions will help shape the next generation of welding professionals to meet those challenges. We are extremely humbled to support these efforts through Fronius arc welding equipment,” said Jasen Friedrich, director of sales and marketing, Perfect Welding Business Unit at Fronius USA.

A Corporate Tomorrow Maker, Fronius USA is recognized as a member of the Golden Society  ($500,000-$999,999) on the college’s Donor Wall.

Penn College offers a bachelor’s degree in welding and fabrication engineering technology, associate degrees in welding technology, metal fabrication technology and non-destructive testing, and a welding certificate. Students may also pursue non-destructive testing competency credentials in radiographic and ultrasonic inspection.

To learn more about those majors and other degrees offered by Penn College’s School of Engineering Technologies, call 570-327-4520.

For information on Penn College, a national leader in applied technology education, email the Admissions Office or call toll-free 800-367-9222.