Industry blog again benefits from HVAC faculty member's know-how

Published 01.05.2024

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An associate professor of HVAC technology at Penn College has again contributed to the HVAC Classes blog, this time considering "What Are the HVAC Industry's Priorities in 2024?"

Jason W. Killinger

“The HVAC industry’s top priorities for 2024 will bring interesting challenges,” department head Jason W. Killinger says. "As always, the HVAC industry will embrace, adapt and overcome these challenges." 

“Environmental concerns will play a crucial role, affecting new and veteran professionals,” he adds. “As we become more energy-conscious, HVAC professionals will prioritize energy-efficient systems to sustainable building standards, reducing the environmental impact.”

A Penn College alumnus with more than 25 years' industry experience, Killinger has been a full-time faculty member since Fall 2012. He contributed to the same blog in October, addressing "How to Expand and Support the HVAC Workforce."