A pre-Thanksgiving finale, but the end is not 'the end!'

Published 11.17.2022

Human Services & Restorative Justice
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Colin G. Browne Jr.In a fitting coda to "Give Thanks, Paw It Forward," a five-day expression of gratitude, human services & restorative justice student Colin G. Browne Jr. hits all the right notes – from journeys taken, to lessons learned, to friends made, to experiences shared.

"Penn College has afforded me an excellent education through exceptional classroom instruction, an organized curriculum, state-of-the art laboratories, academic tutoring, and the best tools and resources to succeed," Browne said, as he prepares to stride across the Community Arts Center stage in mid-December and seamlessly begin his tomorrow-making future. "I am incredibly fortunate to have found Penn College, and it will be an honor to graduate from this institution."

The students' impressive stories, shared by College Relations this past week, are indicative of the talent on display every single day: noteworthy in themselves, but far from the last word in accomplishment. As these students and alumni voice their appreciation for those who have supported them, a grateful Penn College community reverberates with a "Thank you" of its own.