A lasting (and letter-perfect) tribute

Published 11.03.2022

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What once was an artist's rendering becomes three-dimensional reality, a reborn fixture on the Wildcat landscape.Work began even before the morning fog had lifted, demarcating the workspace canvas.Powering through the task at hand from a lofty perchOn a first-name basis, temporarily befitting the emeritus president's preferenceDoing his level best, a craftsman installs the final piece.Making it official, 21st Century Signs on Thursday installed signage designating a campus keystone as the Davie Jane Gilmour Center in recognition of Penn College's seventh president. In late June, just prior to Gilmour's retirement, the Board of Directors approved renaming the Student & Administrative Services Center in recognition of her transformative 24-year presidency.

The building – adjacent to the college's landmark American flag – includes such student-focused offices as Admissions, Bursar, Financial Aid, the LEAP Center, Registrar, and Veteran & Military Services. The three-story facility is also home to Financial Operations, Information Technology Services, People & Culture, Public Relations & Marketing, and executive offices (including those of President Michael J. Reed and Academic Affairs).