Architecture professor previews spring trip to European cities

Published 09.26.2022

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Jabbour explains the financial expectations, as well as the cultural benefits, involved with the European itinerary.The Architecture Department and Naim N. Jabbour, assistant professor of architecture, highlighted one of Penn College's Global Experience programs during a recent information session in the Klump Academic Center Auditorium.

Nearly 100 students attended and were introduced to an immersive interdisciplinary cultural exploration of London, Paris, Florence and Rome during Spring 2023.

"The program allows students to get an amazing study-abroad experience – short, but high-impact – without having to give up a full semester," Jabbour said. "Gaining a global perspective will set them up for future success." Check out the poster for more about the May 15-26 trip to England, France and Italy: GLB271
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