Former Wildcat makes transition from midfielder to job site

Published 06.20.2022

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Civil Engineering
Engineering Technologies

Dylan S. Klemas, a May civil engineering technology graduate and face-off midfielder while a member of the Wildcat men’s lacrosse team, proudly wore number 9 to honor an uncle who played for the Welsh national team. A new video gives viewers the opportunity to hear his story and learn what he loves about the tight-knit community he found at Penn College. "It's put me in a great position. I have a job already lined up when I graduate (he has since assumed responsibilities as an assistant project manager at Berg Construction in Morgantown) and I haven't looked back," says Klemas, who did the hard work necessary to balance academics and athletics – and thrive at both. "It's busy, it's very doable. It's actually made it a lot better because it's taught me a lot more time management. The school puts a lot of resources out there to help us, whether it's the Tutoring Center (or) a lot of late-night study hours with the team. It's easy when you have a team of 43 guys that are all your good friends!"