Scholarship opens opportunities

Published 11.16.2021

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Sydney M. TeleskyWere it not for a middle school field trip to campus, Sydney M. Telesky wouldn't have given Pennsylvania College of Technology a second look; father Nick holds two degrees from the institution (electrical technology, '02, and building automation technology, '04) and she once yearned for a "different experience" than his. That visit, however, led to a summer camp ... then to Penn College NOW classes in high school ... and eventually to her enrollment as a human services and restorative justice student.

A selflessly committed campus leader – she is a writing tutor, a Student Government Association officer and a college relations assistant – Telesky is among those giving thanks this month to a collegewide support network of faculty, employees, classmates, friends and donors.

"As a full-time student, I have three part-time jobs and an internship, as I am attempting to pay all my tuition, rent and other necessities fully out of my own pocket," Telesky wrote in a blog entry. "The scholarship aid that I receive is incredibly helpful – paying for tuition and textbooks to succeed in my classes, and allowing me to become more involved at Penn College instead of working additional shifts to make my college career possible."