Instructor featured in Inquirer's focus on fruit-laced beers

Published 04.03.2021

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Timothy L. YarringtonAn article in Saturday's editions of The Philadelphia Inquirer, headlined "Fruit beers tapping into the Philly market in a big way," includes comments from brewing instructor Timothy L. Yarrington. The Penn College faculty member was among those interviewed about one of the fastest-growing segments of the industry: products infused with all manner of fruit, from such seasonal standbys as pumpkin to pomegranates and bananas. "We’re in a phase now that I call the soft drink-ification of beer and I think it’s generational," Yarrington told writer Frank Fitzpatrick. "One of the defining characteristics of beer has always been bitterness. But these kids have grown up on soda and sweet cereals. They’re bitter-averse.”