Don't Brush It Aside, Students: SGA Speaks for You!

Published 11.14.2017

Student News

Donning winter gear and lending another layer to "The Rock" are (from left) Jordan M. Scott, Cogan Station; Joshua J. Cover, Selinsgrove; Patrick C. Ferguson, Williamsport; Ethan M. McKenzie, Muncy; Alexandra D. "Ali" Petrizzi, Langhorne; Natascha G. Santaella, Puerto Rico; and Lindsay A. Stottlemyer, Dauphin.Petrizzi puts her advocacy in writing ...... and gets a hand from Stottlemyer.Barehanded, with nary a shiver, Cover holds steady.The finished product invites students, one and all. (Photo by Petrizzi, SGA’s vice president of public relations)In its fourth year as an immovably immense (but far from immutable) campus landmark, "The Rock" was refreshed on a frosty Sunday with a recruitment message that never gets old. Representatives of the Student Government Association grabbed gloves and paintbrushes to remind their peers that the organization is the voice of Penn College students. ALL Penn College students – whether in a two- or four-year major, regardless of on- or off-campus residence. SGA is a conduit for conversation among students and for communication with administration and faculty, aiming for a productive and positive college experience. Want to get involved? Attend an SGA meeting, held at 7 p.m. most Wednesdays in Penn's Inn.
– Photos by Rachel A. Eirmann, student photographer (unless otherwise noted)