Music Club Sponsoring Eight-Week Exploration of Faith

Published 09.07.2017

Student News
Faculty & Staff

Table topics: Material in the SASC lobby sets the agenda for the weeks to come.Speaker William F. Covert Jr., an adjunct member of the college's mathematics faculty, continues the conversation with Rachel Bouscaren, of Williamsport.Cullen S. Berfield, the reigning "Penn College Star," adds music to the mix.Event organizer James C. Hendrie (center), a software development and information management major, talks with an attendee."Bible on Trial," a two-month series of conversations, sponsored by the Penn College Music Club and held at 8 p.m. Tuesdays in the Student & Administrative Services Center's first-floor presentation room, began this week. The opening topic in the program, which provides students with a venue for informal discussion of spirituality, was "The Bible and Validity Testing." Scheduled for future consideration are: Sept. 12, "Creation vs. Evolution"; Sept. 19, "Everything Metaphysical (Angels and Demons)"; Sept. 26, "Free Will vs. Determinism"; Oct. 3, "Love & Relationship vs. Rules & Religion"; Oct. 10, "Jesus – Myth, Man, Martyr or More?"; Oct. 17, "The Bible and Sex"; and Oct. 24, "The Bible and Mind-Altering Substances."
Photos by Rachel A. Eirmann, student photographer