When Life Gives You Snow ... Turn It Into Art!

Published 03.21.2017

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Stabley (left) and Easton N. Latranyi, of Danville, a senior in manufacturing engineering technology ...... strategically place snowballs into eye-pleasing position.The final creation, topped with decorative twigs, outside the Bush Campus CenterWhat better way to celebrate the first day of spring than by creating a snow sculpture? That’s what students in two of David A. Stabley’s art electives did Monday in front of the Bush Campus Center. Stabley, instructor of ceramics/wood sculpture, and students in Wood Sculpture and Ceramics II classes got out of the lab and into some creative exploration. Similar to other campus projects crafted by Stabley’s students (usually in fairer weather), their creation was inspired by the environmental art of famed British sculptor Andy Goldsworthy.
Most photos by Grace F. Clark, student photographer