Pillars of Strength

Published 04.18.2016


The day's winners: Kordell C. Teenie and Emylee R. ShultzShultz flips a tire on her way to overall victory.5,000 pounds is quite a haul!Teenie, harnessed to three and a half tons of vehicleCompetitors and spectators commingle outside the Field House.The Wildcat Strongman/Strongwoman Competition, featuring 10 male students and one female, was held this past week near Penn College's General Services Warehouse. The students competed in four events: stationary truck pull, tire flip, log press and harnessed truck pull. In the stationary pull, competitors had to stand upright on a line and pull a 5,000-pound Ford F-150 to them with just the power generated by their upper bodies. In the tire flip, they were tasked with flipping a 600-pound tractor tire for 40 yards. The log press had the competitors lift a log weighing 70 pounds from the ground to an overhead position. (Many added weight to the log, with the largest completed lift of the day topping out at 180 pounds.) Finally, the harnessed truck pull had competitors strapped to a 7,000-pound Nissan Titan in order to pull it 80 yards. All 11 participants competed at their highest levels, with Emylee R. Schultz, of Muncy, and Kordell C. Teenie, of Lewistown, coming out on top to win $25 Sheetz gift cards. Other competitors were Ryan S. Belack, of Halifax; Daniel R. Gilson, of Gloucester, Massachusetts; John A. Gondy, of Glenmoore; Zachary R. Hopple, of Boyertown; Harold C. "Chris" Lampe IV, of Phoenixville; Terrance M. Miller, of Mercersburg; Aubin I, "A.J." Sevrin, of Lehighton; Anson T. Spisak, of Corning, New York; and Benjamin A. Wood, of Boyertown. The event was sponsored by the Penn College Powerlifting Team, which meets from 4-6 p.m. Tuesdays and 7-10 p.m. Wednesdays in the Field House mezzanine.
Photos by Lisa J. Worth, coordinator of Fitness Center/club sports, and Emmanuel A. Balaguer, coach