Company Reps Keep Culinary Students Rapt With Bacon

Published 10.29.2015

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Joe Moore, territory sales manager for Jones Dairy Farm, offers “Bacon 101.”Kate (Bishop) Hunter, ’00, shows students the difference in bacon thicknesses.Alivia L. Bollock joins Classical Cuisines of the World classmates in plating bacon samples they prepared earlier.Students make notes on the texture and taste of two brands of bacon.Representatives of Jones Dairy Farm, including Kate (Bishop) Hunter, who graduated in 2000 with degrees in food and hospitality management and culinary arts technology, visited campus on Thursday to educate students about bacon – one of the company’s products – and to present the first Jones Dairy Farm Scholarship at Penn College to student Sarah B. Fiedler, a culinary arts and systems student from Lock Haven. Hunter is a manager in her family’s food brokerage firm, Peak Sales & Marketing, in Harrisburg. “Coming over the mountain (to Williamsport), I get teary-eyed,” she said. “It’s a homecoming to come here and show what the college has done for me.” She was joined by Joe Moore, territory sales manager for Jones Dairy Farm, a Wisconsin-based producer of top-quality breakfast meats. Moore explained the process for making bacon and for comparing products before the students participated in a bacon tasting, comparing texture and taste among brands, thicknesses and smoke flavors.