Latin Dance Instructors Bring 'Salsa Magic' to Penn's Inn

Published 09.30.2015

Student News

Lee "El Gringuito" (a past nominee as Salsa Instructor of the Year and Latin DJ of the Year in the Washington, D.C., area) and Kat "La Gata" bring enthusiasm and energy to Penn's Inn.Eager and courageous, students gather to try something new.Colorful drinks sparkle under festive lighting.Attentive dance students stay on their toes.Kat works with Andrew A. Smith, of Philadelphia, an aviation maintenance technician student, and Brittany R. Terpstra, of Jim Thorpe, majoring in Web and interactive media.It didn't take long for Penn College students to light up the Bush Campus Center dance floor this past week, learning – and then quickly exhibiting – the newest Latin steps in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Instructors Lee "El Gringuito" and Kat "La Gata" have performed their "Salsa Magic" program around the world, teaching Latin dances to more than 100,000 college students in 47 states. The Wildcat Events Board, in collaboration with Diversity and Community Engagement, co-sponsored their appearance at Friday's interactive event in Penn's Inn.
Photos by Caleb G. Schirmer, student photographer