Junior Chefs Conquer Kitchen as 'Future Restaurateurs Camp' Debuts

Published 06.19.2015

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Campers prepare daikon radishes for a salad garnish.Chef Frank M. Suchwala, assistant professor of hospitality management/culinary arts, helps a student learn knife skills as she minces parsley.The students’ final buffet (just a portion is shown here) shows off their hard work.– A student dices carrots using safe cutting procedures.Chef Craig A. Cian, associate professor of hospitality management/culinary arts, shows a student how to shave a tomato to create a rose-shaped garnish.A new addition to Penn College’s hands-on summer lineup, this week’s Future Restaurateurs Career Camp gave high school students a two-day taste of the restaurant life. Students entering grades nine to 12 learned such important kitchen basics as knife skills and safety, as well as menu planning and dining room etiquette, as they spent their time planning and preparing a buffet lunch that culminated the camp. Among their finished products were fruit and vegetable carvings, salad and dressing, ice cream, sorbet and a variety of sauces to top them, crème brulee, guacamole, and more.