College Well-Represented at East Coast Karate Tourney

Published 03.30.2015


The Penn College Shotokan Karate Club had a very successful weekend at the East Coast Collegiate Karate Union camp and tournament at West Chester University. After five and a half hours of rigorous training over two days, the students still had enough energy to capture many places during the tournament. Alexander J. Hilton, Carlos A. Ramos-Sonera and Alton J. “A.J.” Hinson joined team members from West Chester, the College of William and Mary, and Drexel and Bucknell universities for the camp. Ramos-Sonera and Hinson took first and third places, respectively, in both kata (forms) and kumite (sparring). In addition, Hilton brought home first places in kata and kumite in the intermediate division. The club remains busy preparing for its belt promotion, to be held April 25 at Penn College.