Seven Penn College Students Succeed in Karate Testing Event

Published 11.24.2014


The Penn College Martial Arts Club Team hosted four clubs for a clinic and belt promotion from noon-3:30 p.m. Saturday in Bardo Gym. Penn College students Jack E. Bish II, of Red Lion; Hunter D. Gibson, of Carlisle; Alexander J. Hilton, of Saegertown; Alton J. “A.J.” Hinson, of Pottsville;  John B. Preine, of Philadelphia; Carlos A. Ramos-Sonera, of Highland Mills, New York; and Eric M. Russell, of Mill Hall, all successfully completed the belt requirements for their respective levels. Bish, Gibson, Hinson and Preine earned yellow belt status on their first test; Ramos-Sonera earned an orange belt ranking; Russell made green belt; and Hilton is second-level purple belt. Penn College will host the East Coast Collegiate Karate Union collegiate camp and tournament on Feb. 14-15.