No Mess, No Seeds ... and No Pumpkins Harmed in CAD Lab Activity

Published 10.31.2014

Engineering & Industrial Design Technology
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The handiwork of Francis J. Quigley, of Coatesville, incorporates the college mascot and Centennial logo.Katherine A. Walker checks out her students' creations during their Halloween morning lab work.WBRE's Valerie Tysanner gathers video for evening newscast.The intricate design by Ethan J. Kinsey, of Dushore, draws the attention of faculty member J.D. Mather.Denise R. Holland, of Montoursville, has fun with the day's assignment.More than 40 first-year students in Penn College's engineering design technology major participated in a Halloween exercise that applied their 3-D computer prowess to a creative seasonal activity. "Halloween is the perfect time for some well-earned fun with students applying their modeling skills, not to a real pumpkin, but a computer model of a pumpkin – a virtual pumpkin-carving contest!" said Katherine A. Walker, assistant professor of drafting and computer aided design. Students in Walker's morning class and an afternoon session taught by J.D. Mather, assistant professor of engineering design technology, used SolidWorks, a 3-D computer aided drafting and design application, in the competition. School of Industrial, Computing and Engineering Technologies administrators – David R. Cotner, dean; and assistant deans Stacey C. Hampton and Nathan D. Smyth – served as judges. Walker and Taylor W. Lewis, of Dunmore, whose design was chosen as the winner of the morning session, were interviewed by WBRE's Valerie Tysanner for Friday night broadcast. Rick A. Day II, of Tyrone, was the afternoon winner.