Students, Local Growers Collaborate in Farm-to-Plate Experience

Published 10.27.2014

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Culinary arts and systems students Rachel A. Mertz and Sammera T. Fleming serve a variety of cake.Culinary arts and systems student Dallas A. Tyree – one of the event’s student managers – serves a kale-and-white-bean dish to market visitor David L. Evans, professor of biology (anatomy and physiology).The School of Business & Hospitality’s Catering class made its annual visit Saturday to the Williamsport Growers Market, where they prepared a menu of free samples made from ingredients donated by market vendors. It is a valuable learning opportunity for Penn College students, as they interact with growers and work with fresh, local ingredients while practicing their skills at off-site catering. The class is taught by Chef Michael J. Ditchfield, instructor of hospitality management/culinary arts, and the “customer appreciation” visit to the market is coordinated with the help of Anne Nordell, of Beech Grove Farm and a member of the Williamsport Outdoor Growers Association.