One Giant Leap for Campuskind

Published 04.26.2014


Into the voidLeftovers from Thursday's Grillin' With the Greeks are put to good use by Sigma Nu’s chef du jour Christopher M. Scheller and other fraternity members.Outgoing Student Government Association President Michael L. Spear takes a fearless plunge. Football, Frisbee and fun fill the courtyard on a sunny, late-semester Saturday.Twenty feet up? It's higher than you think!Adventurous members of the Penn College community, including faculty and students on break from an open-lab period, launched themselves from 20 feet above Rose Street Commons onto an oversized air bag Saturday. The Sky Fall attraction drew a steady line of amateur stuntmen and women,  who gained access to the upper platform via a wristband earned after conquering the 11-foot threshold. The Student Activities Office organized the activity, the Interfraternity Council provided refreshments, a disc jockey (whose selections appropriately included Van Halen's "Jump") entertained the crowd and good weather completed the festival atmosphere.