Craftsmanship Colors District Vehicle's Ongoing Metamorphosis

Published 11.25.2013

Collision Repair & Restoration
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Kelvin A. Ortiz painstakingly applies clearcoat in a CAL paint bay Friday.Awaiting the next step in its makeover, a repainted Lincoln catches the Monday sun while curing.With a steady hand, student Idriss Diamaye applies a finish coat.Transformation of a once-blue Lincoln Continental Mark V into the cherry-and-white colors of Williamsport Area High School took a visible leap forward at College Avenue Labs in recent days. Collision repair technology students Kelvin A. Ortiz, of York, and Idriss Diamaye, of Hanover Township, last week painted and clear-coated the 1979 vehicle, which was donated to the Williamsport Area School District for use in parades and other showcase events. Vinyl decals of the WAHS Millionaires’ logo – top hat, gloves and cane –will be affixed to the doors and hood before it is returned. The project is a collaboration between Penn College, which is making the exterior improvements, and the district, where automotive students will tend to the mechanical upkeep.