Dining Services' Costumed Staff Adds Fanciful Fun to Halloween Mealtime

Published 10.31.2013

Dining Services
Faculty & Staff

Capitol Eatery's Patti E. Durrwachter dresses for a dalmatian hunt à la Cruella de Vil.Caped crusaders Deanna Fink (left) and Robyn Welch protect Gotham City, AKA Capitol Eatery.Frighteningly good treats at Dauphin Hall.Appropriately sporting railroad garb are (from left) Penn Central employees Crystal E. Way, Jan E. Twardowski, Anika A. Stewart and Esther L. Greenawalt.It's a Disney world at Capitol Eatery, where head cooks James F. Glenn and Deb E. Munro are "all ears."In addition to their usual fare at campus eateries, Dining Services employees served up a heaping helping of Halloween humor Thursday. Whether following a theme befitting their surroundings or playing make-believe behind familiar faces, they marked the occasion with wit and whimsy.
Photos provided by Dining Services: Noelle B. Bloom, assistant director,  and Amy S. Lingg, marketing assistant