Campus Activities Safely Impart Message of Alcohol's Dangers

Published 09.25.2013


Kristi L. Hammaker engages students in an alcohol-awareness "game show" in Dauphin Hall ... ... and hangs on for safety with a simulated "drunk driver" at the wheel.David C. Pletz, Penn College Police lead person, puts a less-than-surefooted student through his paces.Students who believe alcohol consumption has no effect on their judgment and motor skills had an eye-opening experience this week, donning "drunk goggles" to drive a golf cart and navigate field-sobriety tests with Penn College Police. The annual event puts students behind the wheel of a motorized cart (donated by White Deer Golf Course), driven through an obstacle course alongside the Thompson Professional Development Center. Police also tested students' faculties, compromised as they were by the vision-impairing eyewear, just as they would in a traffic stop. The week also included "Alcohol Awareness Jeopardy," in which health and fitness specialist Kristi L. Hammaker posed potentially life-saving questions as students vied for prizes.
Photos by Marc T. Kaylor, student photographer