– The Sky's the Limit

Published 06.03.2013

Alumni News

Williamsport High School's Class of 1971 would be the last to graduate from what is now Klump Academic Center, the oldest building on the Penn College campus (visible near the center of this vintage black-and-white photo).This 2004 panorama, from south of the Breuder Advanced Technology and Health Sciences Center, coincides with the opening of the College Avenue Labs (at far left) and the Rose Street Apartments (just beyond, out of the frame).This expansive view encompasses the main campus entrance (flanked by the Madigan Library and the Student and Administrative Services Center), the surrounding community of which Penn College is a vital part, and the natural beauty of the river and foothills that add to the institution's perennial attractiveness.From its infancy near the start of the 20th century to today's national prominence in applied technology education, the college has grown as a reflection of employer needs and student opportunity. As the institution has judiciously expanded to provide sufficient instructional space and support services for those choosing careers from an exhaustive portfolio of possibilities, the changes have been so gradual that it isn't always easy to grasp. Sometimes, you simply have to consider the big picture! The aerial photos at left, detailing the ever-changing landscape of Penn College and its forerunners, are from "Were You There: Evolution of a College Campus" – the photo exhibit and companion book that kicked off the Countdown to the Centennial.