Plastics Symposium Draws National Interest on Both Sides of Podium

Published 05.09.2013

Workforce Development

Mark Strachan, of uVu Technologies, discusses the use of lightweight materials in plastic products.Fifty-two participants from across the nation listen to experts during the 2013 Plastics Symposium.Fifty-two industry representatives from across the nation learned about market trends and improving quality and innovation at the 2013 Plastics Symposium: Sustainable Manufacturing & Recycling Markets Summit. Speakers, too, represented industry leaders from across the nation who spoke about such topics as the impact of shale gas on the plastics industry, the post-consumer resin supply chain and the current state of post-consumer plastic recycling, lightweight materials, compostable products, the R&D tax credit, and igniting American innovation. Held Thursday in the college’s Thompson Professional Development Center, the event was organized and hosted by the Penn College Plastics Innovation & Resource Center and Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center. It was cosponsored by Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center and Plastics SourceNet.