Summer Program at Penn College Promotes Student Preparedness

Published 04.19.2013


Pennsylvania College of Technology is again offering a summer program – RAMP Up for College – to ease the transition for students looking to start off on the right foot at Penn College or any institution of higher learning.

Highly motivated students may stay focused academically throughout high school, but they can become easily distracted from academics at a time when it’s important for them to prepare for the rigor of college-level courses.

RAMP (Reading, English and Mathematics Preparation) Up for College consists of three sessions: reading, English and math. Students need not register for all three. Each session costs $249 and lasts three weeks. Meal plans and housing are available for an additional cost.

The program can benefit students at any level – from those who have not met criteria for admission because of low scores on college placement tests, to those who simply want to improve their skills before starting classes. It can also benefit those who have not yet begun the admissions and placement-testing process.

Participants who have already taken a Penn College placement test will have the opportunity to retest during the last week of class. Those who improve test scores to the required level may be able to enter Penn College in the fall.

More information on the RAMP Up for College program is available by calling 570-3274775.

For more about Penn College, email the Admissions Office or call toll-free 800-367-9222.