Education, Fun Intersect in Great Outdoors of ESC

Published 04.11.2013

School of Transportation & Natural Resources Technologies News

Visiting students hone their lumber-estimation skills near the ESC sawmill.Tools in hand, a student adds up the clues to identify a tree.Forestry Field Day participants measure one of the countless trees within the ESC's spacious natural surroundings.Students from Line Mountain and Wellsboro high schools engaged in tree measurement, tree identification, log-scaling and lumber estimation during a Forestry Field Day at the Schneebeli Earth Science Center on Wednesday. "I'm used to identifying trees with leaves," one Line Mountain student said. "Today was a challenge as we had to identify trees without leaves. It certainly challenged me to apply my knowledge in a hands-on setting." The teens also enjoyed lunch on campus, and ended their day with a tour of the Allenwood area facility and an overview of the School of Natural Resources Management's forest technology major. "We don't get to do this kind of work in our daily classroom," another student added. "This was more hands-on and I like that."
Photos by Carol A. Lugg, coordinator of matriculation and retention, School of Natural Resources Management