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Published 04.08.2013

Alumni News

Hugh M. MacMullanThe 1971 Montage, the yearbook for Williamsport Area Community College, is dedicated to MacMullan (the first chair of the college's English department).During his naval service from 1942-46, MacMullan wrote and directed more than 100 documentaries – one of the short training films brought Gene Kelly to Williamsport. A World War II ration book is among items MacMullen donated to the college's collection.These lecture notes of MacMullan, a 1931 graduate of Oxford University, show his attempts to master Elizabethan script.Through decades upon decades of sharing their real-world experiences at Penn College and its predecessors, faculty members have played an indisputably integral role in student success. What is not so obvious, especially to latter-day members of the campus community, is the professorial treasure trove that resides in the college archives. As detailed in the Spring 2013 issue of One College Avenue, Penn College's award-winning magazine, the Hugh MacMullan Collection at the Roger and Peggy Madigan Library documents a fascinating life that embraced Hollywood, military service, and a reverence for English and its teaching.

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