First Field House Frenzy Fantastic!

Published 01.17.2013


Andrew J. Wright, a web design and multimedia major from Mendham, N.J., shows off his Field House winnings.

Students watch with interest to see where a contestant's Plinko chip lands.Tuesday's first Field House Frenzy invited Penn College students to the facility to see what the Intramural Department has to offer. Teams and individuals registered for leagues, attendees enjoyed playing Intramural Toilet Paper Toss, and students loved snagging T-shirts by pulling winners from the Lollipop Box or playing Plinko. When friends won lanyards or other prizes, intramural assistant Jeremy R. Bottorf said, T-shirt winners were determined to rub it in by telling them, “I will be wearing my new shirt to class tomorrow; how about you?”  Signups for intramurals are continuing at the Field House, where leagues begin next week. "Stop in to see what intramural activity you can sign up for," said Bottorf (who also provided the photos), "because there is something for everyone."