NASA Scientist Shares Expertise, Insight in ACC Presentations

Published 08.26.2011


Jitendra A. Joshi draws parallels between space travel and resource recycling on Earth Joshi is joined by Ann Marie Furdock, associate professor of biology (who organized his campus appearances), and physics professor David S. Richards, who also has a NASA background NASA visitor discusses implications for further lunar exploration Reminding his audience, "Who here is not an explorer?" NASA scientist Jitendra A. Joshi took separate groups on three enlightening journeys far beyond the Klump Academic Center Auditorium on Friday. Chief technologist for the agency's Advanced Capabilities Division, Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, Joshi came to campus while in town at the invitation of Little League. (Janice L. Ogurcak, director of the Peter J. McGovern Little League Museum, facilitated the visit by making him available to the college.) Joshi's sessions covering topics from astronauts' lessons for traveling on "Spaceship Earth" to the human upshot of water's discovery on the moon were attended by Penn College students and faculty, their counterparts from local schools, and members of the community. He also brought a message of encouragement, born of his success in a challenging career: "With hard work, you can be anything."