Residence Life Applauds Annual, Monthly Honorees

Published 05.03.2011

Student News

Jocelyn E. Moyer and Jonathan M. NortonAnthony R. Grubbs (left) and Jonathan M. ProbstYear-end awards have been announced by Pennsylvania College of Technology's Residence Life Office, which also selected April's most notable students and programs from within campus housing complexes.

Anthony R. Grubbs, of Irwin, was honored as Resident Assistant of the Year; Jonathan M. Probst as Rising Star of the Year; "Spend a Day in Their Shoes," organized by Jocelyn E. Moyer, of Tower City, and Jonathan M. Norton, of Lebanon, as the Educational Program of the Year; and a Campus View spaghetti dinner as the Social Program of the Year.

Both programs were The Educational Program of the Month for April was "Floral Design," organized by Campus View RA Adam S. Feather, of Bally, a building automation technology major, and featuring Christine A. Fink, a part-time member of the college's horticulture faculty.

"The goal of this program was to show students how to make a simple, yet beautiful, flower arrangement," Residence Life staff wrote. "Mrs. Fink took care of ordering the supplies and demonstrated how to make the arrangement, (and) assisted students as they worked on their individual designs. Considering this was the first time for most of those who attended,(the arrangements) turned our pretty well."

Noteworthy Resident Assistants, from left, are Sarah R. Shott, Alonso L. Marchinski, Melanie A. Roof, Patrick J. Hrubes and Kyle S. MullinFive RAs at the Rose Street Apartments Sarah R. Shott, Alonso L.Marchinski, Melanie A. Roof, Patrick J. Hrubes and Kyle S. Mullin were behind the Social Program of the Month: A "Wet & Wild Wing Blast" that attracted more than 100 people and raisedbetter than $700 toward the Tracy A. Garis Memorial Scholarship Fund.

"This program was a wonderful opportunity for studnets to enjoy great food, fun activities and 'pie' an RA in the face," staff reported. "Even though it was a rainy day and (the event was) moved inside the Field House, the RAs did a wonderful job pushing the event on their halls, in their classes and all across campus.

"Almost all of the RAs who served at the event ended up getting 'pied' in the face, which once again showed their willingness to take one for the team."

Campus View staff, which organized the Social Program of the Year