Penn College Faculty Enlighten Local Middle-School Students

Published 01.19.2011

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Bradley M. Webb, left, and Asesh K. Das Phillip D. LandersFaculty from Penn College's School of Business and Computer Technologies again worked with Marcia McCann, instructional learning support teacher at Williamsport's Curtin Middle School, to offer brown-bag lunch sessions for students during the fall semester. Asesh K. Das, professor of computer science, and Bradley M. Webb, coordinator of matriculation and retention for business and computer technologies, visited Oct. 29 and provided information on biometrics: methods used to recognize humans based on physical or behavioral traits (fingerprints, gait, etc.). On Nov. 8, Phillip D. Landers, professor of business administration/management, provided a lesson on "growing" money including investing, credit cards, interest and developing financial goals. Curtin's brown-bag program allows students to attend voluntary mini-courses held over the lunch period. In addition to the School of Business and Computer Technologies, representatives from the college's School of Health Sciences and Industrial and Engineering Technologies have presented workshops. Photos by Marcia McCann, Curtin Middle School