Conservation Subcommittee Shares Ways to Lessen Winter Energy Consumption

Published 12.06.2010


Penn College's Energy Conservation Subcommittee, via, offers tips to energize the holidays. With added travel, cooking, shopping and parties during the season, our environmental footprint can explode. Winter months increase the use of energy, but there are ways overall consumption can be reduced: 1. Check for air leaks in your environment. On average, electricity can be reduced by 12-18 percent. 2. Turn down the heat. The more guests in your home, the lower your thermostat can go! And just adjusting the thermostat by 2 degrees could save $100 in energy costs. 3. For more savings, switch to LED lights. They use 10 times less energy than incandescents and 100 times less than standard bulbs. 4. Carpool with friends and family for holiday get-togethers and shopping. Or order multiple holiday gifts online that can be shipped together for fuel and climate savings. The subcommittee wishes all of its Penn College family a safe and healthy holiday break and will return in 2011 with more "green" savings.