Students Share 'Plastics Experience' Via Racing, Workshops

Published 05.13.2009


The track awaits Preparing for competition Life in the fast lane The winner's circleArea high school students were on campus Wednesday for the "Plastics Experience," which culminated in a remote-control car race in Bardo Gymnasium. The campus visitors attended a variety of workshops and other activities prior to racing, including injection-molding flying disks and key chains, blow-molding bottles, extruding grocery bags, thermoforming personalized signs, polymer testing, and an industry roundtable with plastics engineers. Video of the event exemplified by this time-lapse footage of the racetrack preparation will be included in an upcoming plastics-themed episode of the "degrees that work." series on public television. The event also drew the attention of WBRE's Jeremy Deebel, who filed a report for the NBC affiliate's evening newscast. Photos by Jessica L. Tobias, student photographer; video by Leah C. Mather, video production intern, College Information and Community Relations